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Calgary Financial Crimes Lawyer | Jason Wuttunee Criminal Defence LawyerWhite-collar crimes are financially motivated, non-violent, criminal acts often committed by a company, its workers or government employees. White-collar crimes include offences such as embezzlement, employee theft, tax evasion, securities fraud, money laundering, counterfeiting, cybercrime, identity theft, Ponzi schemes, bribery, and mortgage fraud. White-collar crime investigations often involve forensic audits and accountants, search warrants, and thousands of pages of disclosure. Alberta Justice has a specialized branch dedicated specifically to complex economic-crime matters.

White-collar crimes are legally complex matters which, in recent times, have garnered much public attention. A conviction or even an allegation of criminal activity in your professional dealings can tarnish your reputation and hinder your ability to conduct business in the future. Furthermore, companies and individuals implicated in white-collar crimes can face severe criminal consequences, including substantial fines, restitution, and up to 14 years in jail for individuals guilty of committing significant frauds.

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Given the complexity and potential consequences associated with white-collar crime prosecutions, it is wise to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side. If you are searching for an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, call us today to schedule a consultation with Jason Wuttunee. Let us help with your case.